Success Factors

Philosophy and culture  

We practice open-mindedness – both within and outside the company. Solidarity and humanity, but also treating all our partners fairly, is entrenched in our corporate culture. Our focus is always on people. Our common set of basic values has grown over decades and binds us together. Trust, respect, appreciation, pleasure in what we do, entrepreneurial thinking, innovation, participation and co-determination form the basis for the TRISA Spirit. Our
TRISA mission, basic position and principles of leadership are based thereon.

Innovation and technological leadership

A key success factor for TRISA is our specifically directed and systematic innovation management as well as a culture of innovation that is practised throughout the entire company. TRISA competes in world markets with manufacturers from every imaginable country. Thanks to our proximity to the market we are able to identify trends promptly and turn these into ground-breaking innovations. With our innovations and functionally superior products we are able to create added value. We maintain our claim to manufacture the best oral care products for our customers.


With foresight, entrepreneurship and ingenuity the TRISA Group continues with its relentless development. Back in the 1960s, TRISA already invested three times the annual turnover in order to succeed under difficult conditions.
Ever since, sales have increased more than twentyfold. Over the past 30 years the TRISA Group has invested in new products, technologies, machines and buildings. In addition, TRISA to sustainably invest in further education and training for its workforce. Our employees are our most valued asset.