Our Sustainability

Our actions have always been characterised by sustainability, which is anchored in our identity and culture. The sustainable development of the company is based on ecological, economic and social considerations, which must always be optimised in a harmonious manner. TRISA is thus continuing to explore new ways to live up to its responsibility to its employees, customers, society and the environment. 

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Economically sustainable

Economic success is the precondition for sustainable actions. Without this, the company would not be able to operate in a social or ecological manner. We are not striving for short-term profit maximization but for long-term optimization. One of our corporate goals is to be independent with the firm intention of remaining so. Sustainability also refers to our products whose quality is given top priority.

Socially sustainable

Our employees are co-entrepreneurs and partners who participate in the joint success of the company. We endeavour to be a good neighbour and a reliable and valued partner in the community. We provide selected non-profit organisations with financial support, or with our products. We also make selective donations to scientific, cultural and sports institutions. As a sign of solidarity, since 1998, TRISA has been donating more than 100,000 quality toothbrushes annually to disadvantaged children.

Ecologically sustainable

The harmony between mankind, work and the environment is deeply rooted in our consciousness. For more than 50 years, in other words long before the topic of ecological sustainability was on everyone's lips, TRISA accorded top priority to environmental compatibility. Many milestones bear witness to the commitment of our company. An intact environment and nature are prerequisites for our high quality of life.

Society and Environment

TRISA attaches considerable importance to sustainable corporate development. This includes acting in a socially responsible manner, resource-efficient production processes as well as technological progress. We are aware of our social responsibilities and consistently strive to fulfil them. People at home and abroad benefit from our commitment.

Sustainable environmental management

We understand environmental management as the process of continuous improvement and were certified according to ISO standard 14001 at an early stage. We use our resources carefully and sparingly. It all started with sustainable construction materials in the buildings and careful production processes where TRISA made an active contribution towards the environment. TRISA has been taking advantage of solar energy since 1998. Environmentally-friendly solar power is generated on the roofs of TRISA Group companies. The age of heating with fossil fuels is also a thing of the past at TRISA. With a state-of-the art wood chip heating system, TRISA's buildings and other properties in the village are supplied with sustainable heating from a district heating network. 

Locally rooted, but globally present

We are committed to Switzerland as an industrial center. Every year, millions of Swiss Francs in investments find their way into the local economy. We thus make a considerable contribution towards safeguarding jobs and prosperity in the region. We are happy to accept responsibility and enter into dialogue with the various stakeholder groups. We want to be a reliable partner at the regional, national and international levels. TRISA competes in  global markets with manufacturers from all over the world. The attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location is thus close to our hearts. Our commitment to sound framework conditions, social responsibility and sustainable action is deeply anchored in our corporate culture.