Technology & Production

Estimated manufacturing competence

Innovation and production partnerships since decades have been established with world-leading multinational companies. These build on our proven manufacturing expertise in high-tech injection molding and tufting technology, innovative applicators and electronics in small appliances as well as efficient packaging solutions. Our customers can rely on an excellent service and properly thought-through logistics. 

Powerful production

In-house molding and tooling, including the manufacture of prototypes, guarantees customized and fast product development. In the field of multi-component injection molding TRISA is able to demonstrate many years’ experience and runs a highly automated production line 24 hours / 7 days. We are a reliable partner when it comes to mass production and packaging.

Swiss made

In the heart of Switzerland we develop and manufacture innovative products for the oral care, hair care and beauty care sectors. Ever since 1887, TRISA has been successfully representing Swiss values such as quality, precision and reliability on a global stage. The toothbrush is more than just an everyday object for us. Elegant shapes, fresh colors, extensive functions and new materials give us the inspiration day in, day out, to continue the success story of TRISA's toothbrush. All toothbrushes are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.