Research & Development

Efficient product development process

In an environment that is constantly changing we anticipate market changes and new customers needs with great accuracy. A finely tuned product development process planned in great detail underpins our innovation strength. Interfaces are precisely defined and resources bundled. This enables us to achieve faster lead times, react selectively to market opportunities and guarantee an attractive «Time to Market». 

The «Robocheck» research model

In order to be able to assess the cleaning effect of toothbrushes as holistically as possible, TRISA has developed a robot-based, high-tech research facility in cooperation with specialists from the University of Bern. A six-axis robot is able to simulate different cleaning movements and techniques. Analyses and an evaluation of the test results are achieved automatically. 

Intellectual property...

We consider it important to protect intellectual property. TRISA makes great efforts to protect all innovations and new products. TRISA maintains its own legal department, which is supported by external patent attorneys. More than 1'000 national and international property rights count among our intellectual property.

Scientific cooperation

We are in close contact with science. Our many years of cooperation with globally leading university institutes is particularly intensive in the area of dental medicine. Topics and projects surrounding oral health are driven forward in a partner-like manner. Scientific meetings with representatives from Swiss universities are conducted on a regular basis. Together, we discuss the latest challenges in dental medicine research. 

Specialists & Associations

We conduct regular exchanges with practising dentists and dental hygienists. Findings from their day to day experiences with patients are incorporated in our 
deliberations and products. Cooperation with specialised committees and professional associations involved in oral care also has a long tradition at TRISA. These associations promote oral care awareness in broad sections of the population. 

Dental Profession

Professional Associations 

The Swiss Dental Association is the professional organization for dentists working in Switzerland and the general scientific body for dental medicine.

Swiss Dental Hygienists is the professional association for dental hygienists.

The Swiss Association of Dental Assistants is the national and professional association for dental assistants and dental medical assistant/in.

The Foundation for School Dental Care Instructors places emphasis on early dental health education through diet, fluoride prophylaxis and oral hygiene measures.

The common aim of the Dental-Friendly activity is to educate the Swiss population about the issues surrounding diet, oral hygiene and the prevention of caries.

The Swiss professional association Parental Counselling aims to promote early long-term healthcare and prevention for babies and small children.

University Institutes 

The Center for Dental Medicine is part of the University of Zurich. As an internationally acknowledged clinic, training and research centre, six specialised clinics and institutes are combined under a single roof.

The Dental Medicine Institute of the University of Geneva is devoted to promoting oral healthcare. The institute is also investigating measures that are planned for integration in a holistic healthcare concept.

The Dental Medicine Clinic of the University of Bern is an internationally renowned center for teaching, research and treating patients.

The University Clinics for Dental Medicine make up the department of dental medicine at the medical faculty of the University of Basel.

TRISA also maintains a collaboration with various dental practices throughout Switzerland.

Offer for dental practices – TRISA mybrush

Use the highly innovative TRISA Pro Interdental Soft toothbrush as a business card and advertising medium for your practice thanks to personalised labelling.